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Pongky Manullang – Self Titled (2008)

Pongky Manullang

Pongky Manullang

Many people don’t know who is Pongky Manullang. You can say that Pongky Manullang is a newcomer in music industries in Indonesia. In 2008, Pongky released his first album “Pongky Manullang – Self Titled”. There are ten tracks in this album. There are:

01. Helen

02. Cinta

03. One Lovely Evening

04. Kau yang Ku Sayang

05. Jauh

06. Ketika

07. Kembali

08. Tanpamu

09. Purple Angel

10. Sersan Nurcholish

Mix with English and Indonesian song, this album also can give you new feeling about accoustic music. Pongky wrotes in his blog, why he chose to play accoustic in his music, and some history about the last song, that is “Sersan Nurcholish”. Almost all of the song is played using guitar and “Helen” with piano, but I supposed he likes playing guitar more than piano 🙂

In my opinion, I like almost of the song, although “Kau yang Ku Sayang” is not actually a new song, but with his new music arrange, I kinda like it. Generally, I think his playing style feels like Iwan Fals (in some song). But overall, I like this album. Buy it if you like guitar and accoustic music 🙂


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