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dua bandITS NAME IS “DUA BAND” but don’t imagine that the personnel of this band is only two person, because even take a name of DUA, but there is six people as its member. Is this a new band?
In fact it is not. In 2006 ago, when there were really still two people, this band can “bother” ear with its single entitle ‘Kau’, that quite a lot requested Indonesia music lover.
Unfortunately, afterwards they “lost” to the number of new bands that raise at the same time. Lose? In the reality they’re not. DUA alter its concept becomes a full band. Now this band consist of Paul [vocal], Lona Cindy [vocal], Andri [guitar], Adi Saputra [guitar], Dhafie Ramadhan [drum], and Adriono Suryo [bass].
Right now as a full band, DUA released their second album entitles ‘Cerita Hati’ that rely on their single ‘Takkan Hilang’. People say that this album tells about its personnel life story. This album is wrapped with “thick” acoustics feel and good composition. Enjoy!

01. Tak Kan Hilang
02. Cinta pertama
03. Mendalam
04. Aku dan Impian
05. Andaikan
06. Kau
07. Aku Miliknya
08. Yang Tak Terbalas
09. Tentang Kita
10. Semoga


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  1. Lagunya asik classic, kedengerannya berkelas, enak d telinga, tp g kampungan, jarang lho genre musik kaya gini apa lg yg brtajuk ‘takkan hilang’

    Comment by Dhee | July 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Mungkin kurang pas juga kalau dibilang klasik kali ya, toh genre-nya pop-akustik 🙂 Saya juga suka kok dengan lagu-lagu seperti ini. Menyusul nanti adalah review album Pongky Manullang (pop-akustik juga) mungkin nanti bisa dicoba untuk didengar.

    Comment by Pandu | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. keren! penampilan di unpar kemaren juga keren bgt =)

    Comment by wiwik | March 28, 2010 | Reply

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