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Trio Kwek Kwek

Trio Kwek Kwek” is not a new music group, but actually, this is an old one. It was form in 90’s and the personnel of this group consist of two girls and one boy. What is with the “boy” and “girl” thing? Well, actually “Trio Kwek Kwek” actually a music group for kids, they sing songs for kids, and they were kids too at that time! This group actually not my favorite kind of music group since I was a kid, but maybe it’s my sister’s hehe… Dhea Ananda, Leony Vitria H., and Affandi is the member of “Trio Kwek Kwek”. The group created at 1993 and created seven albums up until 2001.

Their discography:

  • Rame-Rame (1993)
  • Semua Oke (1994)
  • Jangan Marah (1995)
  • Tanteku (1996)
  • Tari Samba (1997)
  • Katanya (1998)
  • Bus Sekolah (2001)

Right now, what remains from this group is only history, since they have grown up and some of them actually doing solo career in music, and acting in some films. However, they still contact each other and their friendship still goes on until now. Thanks to that old “Trio Kwek Kwek” group that introduce them to each other. I wish every one of them luck for their careers.


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